samedi 6 février 2010

Why iPad is Evil

Apple just launched the iPad last week, and I was a bit shaken by it. It's a piece of art of human interaction design, and it changes the relation we could have with a computer, more ubiquitous than ever. The device itself is amazing at the technical level, and set the bar for competitors.

But, let's think about the concept in a whole. Apple provides stores for music, books and applications. In fact, this device is a personal buying device, where you can buy only content provided by Apple and it's partner. It's a kind of perfect world, where the consumer is captive like anything ever before, a garden of pure ideology, in each one may bloom, secure, away from the pests, and ... wait a minute! Doesn't it makes you think about 1984?

What a closed world we would be in if Apple had dominated the market, closed hardware, closed software, and forced to buy content from Apple!

So, I say no to that iPad, and I will wait for an truly open platform.