dimanche 4 octobre 2009

Django, soooo cool

A log time ago, I did a small form in PHP to feed data in a database. I did create the HTML form and the database schema, wrote small functions to validate the form, all inside one php page. SQL statements, fields names and everything else was hardcoded, and it was a nightmare to test and maintain. I was feeling like a prehistoric men, who was trying to survive with rudiment tools. Well, it was the old days.

Now, I had a revelation while using Django! Don't loose your time with other crappy framework and use Django! Django contains all pieces needed for all the gory details of web development, like session management, forms, database and templating. It's so powerfull : you write your model once, Django generate sql statements for the database, generate HTML form to add or modify data, with data validation in bonus, in few lines or code. Documentation is wonderful.

There are some days like that when I really feel that technology is getting better, and Django is a wise and beautiful piece of work.

Look at www.djangoproject.com

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